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The Register
The Register is a very funny computer related satire site and news portal.

From the Net

Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs, those special treats, hidden tracks and secret bits you find in computer programs, music cd's and movies. This site has a good database for heaps of them.

In the Beginning...
In the Beginning was the Command Line.
An excellent article by SciFi author Neal Stephenson on the nature of computers and computing in todays world. Beware, it's a pretty long article, but well worth the read.

Square Root of -1
Waaay cool site to waste some time. Ingenious use of Shockwave and JavaScript. I tip my hat.

Wired News is a tech-related website which spnas the range from pure tech news, to that of a more social nature.

Computer (Art)

Bob's Geometry Fun
I think this deserves to be under art. This guy has created a gallery of interesting geometric phenomenom using animated gifs and some really cool Java applets.

deviantART is another place to pick up high quality backgrounds and images.

Digital Blasphemy
Digital Blasphemy is the home of some very very cool wallpapers for your PC's desktop. And plenty of other images for startup screen and the like.

Yet more background images. Some cool looking 'toonz type ones.

Sci-Fi Matrix
Good for News and thinsg about Sci-Fi, but I found that the Wallpaper part contained some very cool images for your desktop.

Computer (General)

HTML / CSS Reference
The Reference Guides for writing standards compliant HTML and CSS webpages.

IBM developerWorks
IBM's home page for programmers, developers and other geeky types. Tons of information, course and articles on things like Linux, Java, Open Source and XML. The free online courses cover a quite extensive range of topics.

Internet Acronyms Dictionary
A dictionary of common Internet Acronyms. WTF? HTH, that kind of thing.

Open Source Web Design
Web Design templates to go! Plenty of fresh looking designs here, just ripe for you to customise for your own site... Might get around to using one of these one day.

Pac's Startup list
If you've ever wondered what all those little programs that startup with your computer were, here's a good resource. Stop wasting valuable memory and processor time and clear out that System tray.

WBG Links - The watchmen
The Geeks behind the monitor. Ever wonder what Linus Torvalds, or many other computer luminaries looked like? Check them out here, plus the top level WBG Links is a good source for technical info too.

Computer (Linux)

Debian Planet
Excellent News Resource for all the Deb-heads

Linux News Weekly
News from around the world of Linux.

Mobilix helps you get Linux running on your laptop or mobile device. Has links to other users tips, and some useful drivers.

Sydney Linux Users Group
Penguinillas Unite! The Homepage for Linux users in Sydney.

ViM Online
A community site devoted to ViM, lots of tips tricks and other information can be found here.


SBS Soccer - TheWorldGame
A comprehensive Soccer (Football) website run by Australia's SBS TV channel.

Another good soccer website, this one run by ESPN.

Music and Entertainment

Aint it cool News
This is THE place to go for all upcoming film related articles, spoilers etc.

AMG All Music Guide
A massive cross-linked database of Music, Bands, CD's and the like. Some useful reviews, but more handy for finding new bands in a style you like, or other tenous links between bands.

Dark Horizons
Another movie spoiler / news site run by an Australian guy. Pretty decent

OZ DVD Review
Region 4 DVD reviews and release information.

Lord Of The Rings

A review from one of the preview screenings.

The Official Lord of the Rings website

Personal Pages

Neal Stephenson
Sci-Fi / Cypherpunk author. Another one of my faves.
Check out the latest book at Cryptonomicon.

William Gibson
Sci-Fi / Cyberpunk author. One of my favourites.
An excellent fan-site can be found at Anton Rauben Weiss.


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