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I've recently started using Linux as something more than 'an OS to play around with'. I use the Debian distribution, which sets out it's aims to be a true Free-Software OS and set of applications. With the latest releases of Mozilla (a web browser), Evolution (an email application) and Nautilus (a flashy GUI filemanager), I belive that GNU/Linux is a viable alternative for many home users. Combine that with newbie-friendly distributions such as Mandrake and Suse and Microsoft would have some good competition, if people were educated about the options they had.
I have two Linux systems so far, both Debian, one Compaq Presario 1615 laptop, and my AMD 500 desktop machine.
Updated: My new laptop now runs Debian too, check out the Asus Laptop page for all the details.

A short guide to seting up Debian on an Asus L2 laptop

Examples of dotfiles I use on my Linux system to configure programs

How to get a random dynamic background for your gdm login screen

Some more specific tips for running Linux on a laptop

I like checking out other peoples screen shots, so here are some of mine.

Just some general Linux tips I've picked up along the way

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