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Debian Linux on a Compaq Presario 1615

I've only just started setting up Linux on my new (old) laptop, but have found a bunch of good resources.
Compaq Maintenance and support guide for Presario 1600 series
Linux Laptop's site
Linux on a Compaq 1675

Things I've found out.
The 1615 (and other Compaq's no doubt) have a set of buttons called 'DisqPlay'. These enable the CD-ROM drive to play an audio CD, even if the machine is turned off. These appear to be controlled by a system ROM, since the functionality works under Linux. The only difference is the On-Screen Display will not work. The same applies to all the Function Keys (Fn+F1 to F8) which control screen brightness and contrast etc.
When I got my laptop the Compaq rescue/restore partition had already been deleted, and things still work fine...

Don't like the annoying bell? Change to a visual bell! See the Visual Bell MiniHOWTO

Sick of a dodgy touchpad? Try e16keyedit. I used this handy little tool from Mandrake (the man, not the Distro) to enable me to use the cursor keys as a keyboard mouse when running Enlightenment. There already is similar functionality in XFree86 BUT it uses the numeric keypad, which is a bunch of second functions keystrokes on the cut-down laptop keyboard. e16keyedit is much tastier if you are running E. e16keyedit should be available with all good distributions ("apt-get install e16keyedit" for the Debianites :-p )
Or if you are running blackbox as your window manager, look into bbkeys which allows you to assign hotkeys, and xwit, which allows you to control numerous Xwindows GUI commands from a command line. See my dotfiles page.

You can find my XF86Config here

Things to come:
Hardware hacking the 1615! How to deal with a busted flopppy drive.

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