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Desktop shot of the laptop running the Blackbox window manager and the bb-X theme from themes.org
The meters down in the bottom-left corner is GKrellM, a VERY handy little program which watches your CPU/Memory/Disk/Network Bandwidth usage, and can monitor mailboxes and many other things.
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Another desktop shot of the laptop, this time the gits (Ghost in the Shell) theme
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I don't often run the GNOME Desktop, but when I do, I use this funky setup with two panels (both usually set to AutoHide). One for menus (bottom), and one for holding applets (top).
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This is my current desktop setup. The Aqua-E theme with Enlightenment window manager. This shot also shows The Gimp, Linux's answer to Photoshop, and 100% cheaper.
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A shot of Nautilus, a flashy GUI filemanager, which can preview many different filetypes. Coolest, run your mouse over a music/sound file and it plays the file! Text files appear with the icons showing the actual contents (look hard) and of course image files appear as thumbnails.
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This was my old desktop setup, switch back and forth a bit between 'spiffE' (the theme shown here) and 'Aqua-E'. This is actually running GNOME and Enlightenment at the same time, and of course GKrellM as always!

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