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Debian Linux on my Desktop machine

This machine is my server/desktop, so it does sometimes run a fair few processes at once. Thankfully though it has handled everything with grace so far!

Using XFS.
I've only just started using XFS, so no comment on how good it is yet, BUT, be sure to read the documentation carefully BEFORE you set it up. Especially the bit about boot-managers (GRUB, LILO, etc).
My setup:

  • hda1 = /home
  • hda2 = logical partition
  • hda5 = swap
  • hda6 = /

LILO was installed in the hda2 partition table, hda2 was a logical partition holding hda5 and hda6. The first time XFS was forced to recover, it ruined the LILO installation on hda2. So when the doco says LILO needs to be in the MBR, take notice!

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