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Bits and pieces of code I sometimes play with.


Python is a cool scripting language, and portable to Linux/Unix, Windows, Mac OS and a host of other OS's and architectures.
My current Python projects are:
  • Jargon

    <Status="Hibernating"> A program which searchs the Jargon File and spits out some results. Look closely at the screenshot of my Linux Desktop and you'll see some of it.

  • Nav_Bar Update

    <Status="Hibernating Deeply"> A little script to help keep my site maintained, especially the navigation bar up the top of this window. Get some more info here

  • Galleria

    <Status="Hibernating"> An attempt at my first GUI application, and cross platform no less!
    A custom Photogallery making application which spits out static web pages at the end. Allows user to put annotations and provide HTML templates before finally creating a static set of pages suitable for burning to CD or uploading to a webserver.


<Status="Hibernating"> Nothing yet, stilll learning, so I can apply some of it to use on Microstation, which now uses Java to write plug-ins.

PHP, HTML 4/CSS, JavaScript

<Status="Active"> Well, you're looking at it.
Bits and pieces all over Helmsdeep.net are the products of my fingers, and ViM.

Visual Basic, VBA

<Status="Active"> Microstation now provides a VBA interface for scripting, and it's much nicer, especially for building custom commands which are hooked into Microstation at the GUI Event-driven level.
It's my number 1 project right now, but it's all on my employers time, so you won't see much of it here.

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