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Windows 98 and above.
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"Start->Run" then type 'Msconfig'. This handy little utility is a one stop shop for things which affect Windows startup and configuration. The 'Startup' tab allows you to keep a track of which programs startup when the computer is turned on. Handy for turning off all those silly resource wasting tray icons like RealPlayer, ICQ, Winamp, and others.

Axcel-216's tips

Axcel 216's site Beware, this is a Brain dump.
This site contains absolute scads of information concerning Windows 95/98/ME/200/NT. Not that I understand 1/2 of it, but it has some very useful tips.

Dump Windows, Go Linux!!

Linux HQ M1cr05oft is gr8 for hAxors d00d (Bu-wa-ha-ha-ha)
At the Linux HQ site, check out the Guides section, the Getting Started guide will start explaining it all to you. Personally I use Debian Linux, not so flashy and leading edge, but you can guarantee that all your software is both free in $$, and free as in you can see / use / change the actual source code of the application. Never again will you need to buy a new update of software 'X'.
For a first timer, I'd suggest Mandrake, as a good solid no-nonsense introduction. Or even SuSe.

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