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[ 258 kB ]
A shot of me doing some 3D CAD work on a fictional stadium.
[ 244 kB ]
A shot showing how I maximise my screen real estate, AND the amount of information on screen.
The System Monitor is running with it's menu bar hidden, and 'Always on Top' picked. It's displaying the processor load, and amount of free RAM.
The Groupwise Email scroller shows me when new mail comes in.
Winamp running for tunes!
Hidden away at the top right you'll see a tiny bit of desktop, with the edge of an icon which runs the FreeMemory script when double clicked.
[ 233 kB ]
The Litestep theme I constructed. If you would like a copy of the theme and scripts needed to run it, just email me and ask.
[ 142 kB ]
A shot of GViM, a very handy text editor.
[ 128 kB ]
This is a sample of some of the blockOS icon set, as described on my Tips page. It also shows (in front) the Iconphile application, which make changing icons easy!
[ 99 kB ]
Mozilla - A great new cross-platform, standards compliant Web Browser.
[ 72 kB ]
A shot of the very handy 'msconfig' utility.
[ 102 kB ]
Powerdesk - A much more powerful file manager.
[ 91 kB ]
Winamp Control is the greatest way to keep control over Winamp.

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