Age: 24
Status: Australian Citizen, Current NSW drivers licence.


1997 to Current - Ove Arup & Partners - Structural Drafting Apprenticeship

As part of my apprenticeship I completed the Structural Engineering Diploma, and I am responsible for the production, co-ordination and publication of Structural Engineering documents and drawings. I found an interest in writing macros, in a dialect of BASIC, for our CAD software, and have built a reputation for both that and an in-depth knowledge of the software. I am also an office Firewarden and First Aider.
  • Drafting of Structural drawings
  • Co-ordination of Architectural and Structural details
  • Assistance in engineering design
  • Handling / Translation of external clients CAD data
  • Construction site inspections
  • Writing CAD macros
  • Improving existing CAD customisations with GUI interfaces and greater flexibility for 3D and other co-ordinate systems.
  • Responsible for small and medium (12 stories) commercial developments
  • Outstanding results in the associated TAFE course
  • Being able to provide timely assistance to CAD Manager and Drafting Group Manager with possible work improvements - i.e: printing to PDF, debugging office-wide CAD program settings
  • Being known as a highly competent drafter with an aptitude for spotting and troubleshooting problems
  • Creating new CAD customisations to help automate repetitive or work-intensive tasks

1994 to 1997 - Domino's Pizza Gymea

Duties included: Customer Service, Senior In-store staff, Senior Food Prep staff, Delivery Driver


1997 to 2000 - Sydney Institute of Technology
Diploma in Structural Engineering (Distinction)
TAFE Medal for Structural Engineering - 2000
A TAFE Medal is presented to the graduating student with the highest marks in each Diploma course.
Alex Morrison Prize Winner - 1999 and 2000
The Alex Morrison prize is awarded to excellent Structural Engineering students by the Australian Structural Engineers Association.

1996 - Sydney University
Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering (Incomplete)
Distinction average (First year)

1990 to 1995 - Kirrawee High School
HSC TER = 78.20

I.T. Skills


CompTIA A+ Technician


  • Over 10 years PC experience, using DOS, Windows 95 and 98 in both home and work environments, some experience with Windows 2000. Also familar with MacOS 9.
  • 2+ years experience using Linux in desktop, home network and webserver environments.
  • Familiarity with PC hardware and architecture.
  • Able to identify, troubleshoot and fix hardware and software problems.
  • Strong skills with Microstation CAD software. Confident user of MS Office (and similar) software, Photoshop, Novell Groupwise and Netware, Autocad.
  • Awareness of what types of data, email or software are likely to constitute a virus risk.


Most comfortable with BASIC, HTML and Python, and I am gaining knowledge in Java, HTML 4.0/CSS, SQL and PHP4. I have also done small amounts of programming in: Javascript, Bash shell, DOS batch routines, C/C++, Fortran and VisualBasic.
I am familiar with the concept of Revision Control Systems, and have used CVS.

Examples of programs I have written include:
CAD automationDetailing of concrete columns from dialog box input, various text manipulation scripts, enhancement of previous customisations by providing 'GUI' interfaces.
Internet / HTMLVarious personal webpages, including password authenticated pages and PHP content publishing/organisation system.
Web - Database integrationAdministration/customisation of a PHP/SQL powered message board system. Construction and maintenance of a personal Content Management and Publishing system.
Data ManipulationScript to find and return entries of word definitions from a large text file.
Windows DesktopVBScript launcher to backup and restore office defined application settings when a particular application is launched.


  • Use of TCP/IP networks both at home and at work, understanding of typical networking concepts such as protocols and ports, both in a Windows environment, and more recently in a Unix/Linux environment. Familar with core concepts of routing and firewalling under Linux and Windows.
  • Setup and administration of peer-to-peer networking in Windows and Linux, and I am familiar with the user side of Novell Netware.
  • Current webmaster/domain name owner of, and familiar with many Internet technologies such as FTP, SSH, Java Plugins, CGI and other server scripting technologies.


Qualified St. Johns First Aider and NSW Fire Brigade Fire Warden
Scout of the Year - 1992, Venturer of the Year - 1995
Soccer - U/21 Mens Player of the Year (1998), AA-9 Best and Fairest (2001)
Able to speak and write Japanese.


Personal references available at request.
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